Algae Oil Fuel

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Considered the third generation of biofuels algae fuel provides 30 times the energy per acre than terrestial crops. Algae is a unique feedstock for biofuels as the entire organism converts sunlight into oil. Algae is also much more versatile than other biofuel sources. Where traditional bio fuel crops require regular irrigation of clean water algae can flourish in salt water or public waste water. It is also much more energy dense in the growth phase. It would take an entire football field of soy beans to produce the energy harnessed from algae in an area the sized of a two car garage.
Interest in using algae as a source of fuel has grown dramatically since 2002 as the price of oil start climbing exponentially and food shortages started becoming more and more common. Oil produced through algaculture (farming algae) can be refined in to vegetable oil , biodiesel, biogasoline, bioethanol, biobutanol, biomethanol, biojetfuel and other biofuels.